Innovate Ballymun

‘Youth Academy’ Programme - Empowering vulnerable young people to discover and improve their potential and better equip them for further training or employment

Starting in September, Innovate Ballymun will run a 15 week long ‘Youth Academy’ Programme for local unemployed young people who are not in employment, education or training. The programme will focus on capacity development of marginalised youth in a highly innovative way and will aim to empower them to discover and improve their potential and better equip them for further training or employment. Participants will be vulnerable 18-24 year olds and each will apply the techniques to take further steps along the road towards employment, further education or training.


‘Incubate for Growth’ Programme with Innovate Ballymun

Innovate Ballymun is running a 7 month long programme called ‘Incubate For Growth’ which started in mid July. The programme is sponsored by Dublin City Council and is housed in the Innovate Ballymun Social Innovation Hub located in the Dublin City Council Civic Centre in Ballymun.

8th December 2015: Testing and Making – Developing Ballymun as a test base for innovative new products and services

The recent regeneration has meant Ballymun has a state-of-the-art built environment, with an intricate set of housing typologies, spaces and public realm. Dublin City Council are confident that Dublin can become a global leader around smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, with a host of leading technology providers and companies setting up innovation centres across the capital. Ballymun is perfectly suited to become a test bed for these new products and services, which can be prototyped and trialled with an engaged and responsive local community.