What we do

We are developing several ‘Innovate’ Programmes across Dublin city to address social needs. The first of these programmes is being delivered in Ballymun, Innovate Ballymun. Each ‘Innovate’ Programme will create projects, both commercial and non-commercial to meet the needs of the community it is serving. Central to this will be the development of new solutions that support innovation. Each solution developed will ultimately be handed over to the community, once it has been successfully established and solid frameworks have been put in place to support their goals. Each Innovate Programme is defined by undertaking the following activities:-

Research & Insights: To understand the spectrum of unmet social needs in local communities in the Dublin area.

Awareness & Engagement: To raise awareness of the role Social Innovation can play in the socio economic development of economically disadvantaged areas across Dublin City based upon the research & insights defined by individuals, organisations, business and others.

Creation of New Solutions: The development of new solutions to address the unmet needs of the community via commercial and non commercial projects.  

Each Innovate Programme is based in a Social Innovation Hub Our Hubs are a shared work space specifically designed to promote collaboration and innovation. Part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community centre, we offer members a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow. We look to help people connect with, learn from and help each other to realise their ideas for a better world.