Who We Are

Innovate Dublin is a social enterprise that helps bring great ideas to life for the benefit of local communities and organisations. We believe in a creative approach to finding new solutions to the challenges being faced and we focus on effectiveness and impact.

We understand that people are the experts in their own lives and that the best results come from working closely with them to solve the challenges they face. That is why we work with local communities and organisations to find solutions that work in real life and create a lasting impact.

Our Vision: Bold Ideas Build Better Lives.

Our Mission: To assist people and organisations create new solutions for unmet needs that result in lasting improvements.

Innovation is seen as a major driver for economic growth and community development.  It is the vehicle to ensure greater accountability in terms of social, economic and environmental outcomes in the city and will play an active role in delivering activities through new forms of innovation.

At Innovate Dublin we believe that real change comes through social innovation – new ideas that work. Through social innovation we seek to promote the socio economic development of areas in Dublin, by encouraging creative collaboration between local organisations and the community and actively promoting new sustainable partnerships for the benefit of the local community and others.